I'm Rachel, welcome to my website! I've been building my portfolio for nearly 8 years now; all the images you see here are selected shots from my body of work. I'm a portrait photographer at heart specialising in naturally lit headshots, modelling portfolios, family portraits, editorial work and weddings. Recent work includes shooting for Singapore's F1 Grand Prix, a published feature in Harper's Bazaar SG AW16, and I'm official photographer to burlesque women's rights activist Sukki Singapora.  I'm constantly working towards being a better, stronger photographer and I think a big part of that is working with new people on different projects so if you've got a plan that requires a photo lady please get in touch!  

I'm also a photographer and ambassador for The Sharan Project, a non-profit organisation who aim to raise awareness of and ultimately prevent forced marriage and honour based violence. We work together training various police constabularies around the country to recognise these issues and know how to deal with them effectively. We also provide accommodation, legal representation, mental health support and other services to women escaping the community of people they are in danger of.

You can find more of my work on instagram or facebook, feel free to fire over a message there if that's easiest for you.

All the best,